Tell us about yourself?


Wife, dog mum, and owner of Damn Gym.


Trainer for 5+ years

Crossfit Level 1


I have a passion for all things fitness but love Olympic lifting. 

Ive previously competed in several local Crossfit competitions and would love to get into lifting comps in the new year.




What do you love about being a coach?


Being able to work with amazing people every single day, and sharing my passion for fitness with them is so rewarding and my favourite thing as a coach is to watch my clients develop and see their excitement when they achieve something new. 



Favourite and least favourite exercise?


I love so many its hard to choose..

Anything gymnastics (handstands, toes to bar, butterfly pull-ups), I have a new love of a barbell Snatch and Iv’e trained myself to love burpees!!!!



Least favourite is definitely the air bike.. but Im working on becoming friends with it.

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